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Guardian World Investigation Team book Series
Book 1
Generation L
2nd Edition
Coming soon!
Book 2
Recover The
Available Now!
Book 3
Gems of
Available soon!
    It's the late 2040s, 20 + years after the USA Freedom conflicts that turned the world upside down.  Dark forces have come out of hiding to gain world domination, and the only ones that have the ability to stop them are the Guardian World Investigation Team. A black ops team, under the US government umbrella.  A team that nobody knows exists because of the delicacy of their genetic make up.
   Join Marna Farlow and the whole Guardian team, as one by one they bring down individuals with abilities that only exist in your worse nightmares, and only Guardian has the abilities that can destroy them.

New Young Adult Series
Youth of The Conflict Series
Coming Soon!
Prequel to  Youth of
the Conflict Series
Available Now
on  Amazon.com
and bonnitapleisch.com in the bookstore
Youth of The Conflict Series Book 1
Coming Soon!
You know Marna as an adult, now meet her and her friends as teens, and see how they contributed to the famous Freedom conflicts of 2020-2030!